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Save 29%

Elevate your skiing experiences with our latest ski goggles innovation. These goggles seamlessly blend functionality and style to provide you with optimal performance on the slopes.

Magnetic, Detachable, and Interchangeable Lenses

The intuitive magnetic technology allows you to effortlessly switch lenses. Whether the sun is shining or clouds roll in, adjust your goggles in a snap to match the conditions. The magnetic lenses sit securely, offering both stability and easy flexibility.

100% UV Protection (UV400)

Your eye health is our top priority. Our ski goggles provide reliable 100% protection against harmful UV rays with the UV400 filter. Focus entirely on your descent without compromising on safety.

Anti-Fog Coating

Bid farewell to foggy lenses! Our ski goggles come equipped with a special anti-fog coating, ensuring clear visibility even in challenging weather conditions. Enjoy unobstructed views and focused descents.

Comfort and Durability

With an adjustable strap for personalized comfort and a robust frame material for longevity, our ski goggles strike the perfect balance between comfort and durability.

Immerse yourself in a world of skiing where technology and style go hand in hand. Our ski goggles will reliably accompany you through every mountain adventure, allowing you to savor the moment to the fullest.

Glasses Guide

name of the glasses

Suitable for:

VLT (visible light transmission)

Silver clear weather
14% VLT



cloudy and partly sunny weather

20% VLT


cloudy and partly sunny weather

26% VLT


bright sunshine

6% VLT

FOR The All-rounder


with Goggle Lens without goggle Lens
without Lens
with Lens